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BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch

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BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch User Reviews

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Star Star Star Star Star BB 9810
User: Jawad G, May 9, 2012
like the product, fit well
Star Star Star Star Star what I wanted
User: Gary H, Jan 6, 2012
Pros: light weight, good fit in shirt pocket, looks good
Cons: fit is a little loose
Easy order, shipped quickly
Star Star Star Star Star Quality
User: Julie T, Sep 29, 2011
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: -
This pocket is made with quality leather.It protects and fits my phone perfect. I had a pocket for my old blackberry and was very pleased when i found this one for my new phone on Crackberry. GREAT COMPANY
Star Star Star Star Star Nice Protection
User: Rob W, Sep 28, 2011
Pros: Very functional
Cons: None
Great looking and offers protection for your Torch 9800 - 9810!
Star Star Star Star Star Torch 9810 Leather Pocket Pouch
User: Jeff J, Sep 16, 2011
Love this case. Received the order on time. 5/5 shopping experience through
Star Star Star Star Star Perfect
User: Kelly S, Sep 3, 2011
Pros: Perfect Fit
Cons: None
Awesome Pouch, fits perfect
Star Star Star Star Star BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9800
User: L T, Aug 15, 2011
Great case!
Star Star Star Star Star EXCELLENT!
User: Paul P, Aug 10, 2011
Pros: Great quality hands down nothing like the ones you see in flee markets etc
Cons: -
I felt the need to post because of the quality and fast delivery of my case. The case is great as well as crackberry! I had ordered a case for my bold awhile back then lost the case an ordered what I thought to be the same case off of ebay from across the world only to get a very poor replication. Now with my new torch I did not hesitate to hit up crackberry! Glad I did, this case is extremely well made and very classy looking.
Star Star Star Star Star Leather pouch for Torch 9800 is working well
User: Robert C, Jul 19, 2011
Using the leather pouch, my blackberry is protected in my pocket, and battery life is greatly extended. Very good workmanship on the pouch.
Star Star Star Star Star quality product
User: darren h, Jul 15, 2011
Love the case, high quality-dealing with this company on line was a snap too. It came when they said it would.
Star Star Star Star Star Arrival Time
User: Carlos V, Jun 22, 2011
Fulfilled my expectations!!!
Star Star Star Star Star Nice product
User: N T, May 4, 2011
The pouch is nice looking. It is snug-fitting at first, but loosens with use for a good fit.
Star Star Star Star Star great buy!
User: purple t, Mar 13, 2011
great pouch! my blackberrys battery lasts longer.
Star Star Star Star Star Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9800
User: Herbert M, Mar 10, 2011
Pros: -
Cons: A little snug on the initial fit.
This case/Pouch was a little sung on during the initial fit but after a few day the case self adjusted to my BB. its a perfect fit. 100 pleased with this purchase.
Star Star Star Star Star Great case, a must have!
User: Sam M, Feb 15, 2011
Pros: Quality materials, nice fit
Cons: None
Great case for the Blackberry Torch. It is a must have accessory. I just wish RIM had provided it when I purchased the phone!

As always with this website, shipping was fast and on time.

Would recommend to all owners of a Blackberry Torch 9800.
Star Star Star Star Star Leather Pouch Pocket
User: Karen B, Jan 24, 2011
The leather pouch pocket is perfect for my needs. It has a snug fit - so the blackberry does not ever slide out of the pouch, yet is not difficult to remove when desired. Ordering was a breeze online, and the pouch came exactly as promised.
Star Star Star Star Star Very nice case for my blackberry.
User: Gail B, Jan 18, 2011
Pros: Good quality, easy to remove phone sturdy.
Cons: -
I just needed a simple, protective case for my phone and I love this one. Easy fit, sturdy, and it fits in the front compartment of my purse. I love it.
Star Star Star Star Star It Just works
User: Jon H, Jan 14, 2011
This is such a great little case. Doesnt add hardly anything to fun and you can drop right into your pants pocket and just forget that its there. Best little case Ive had for a phone. Id be quite sad to it.
Star Star Star Star Star Leather Pouch Works
User: Charlotte B, Jan 14, 2011
Ive ordered several pouches for employees and they are all very happy with the way the pouch does not add alot of bulkiness to the device. The Blackberry Torch 9800 fits in snugly and is easy to remove. An added feature of the pouch, is once the Blackberry Torch is placed into the pouch, it goes to sleep and saves the life of the battery.
Star Star Star Star Star Good Stuff!
User: BK H, Jan 14, 2011
Pros: -
Cons: None
The pouch is very well stitched & looks very good. Fits my Torch like a glove. A must buy!
Star Star Star Star Star BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9800
User: Jacob M, Jan 8, 2011
Pros: stylish, safe and sturdy
Cons: -
very pleased with this stylish, safe and sturdy pouch
Star Star Star Star Star Great Product
User: Donald K, Jan 8, 2011
If your like me, and have had many devices before, Youll understand the mindset of wanting a case which stays on the device at all time, however for those on the Torch, the option for hard shell and silicone cases leave quite a bit to be desired.

I personally think that for those who wish to protect their device from an occasional drop, tumble, or even just dust and scratches, you cant go wrong with the OEM leather pocket, it looks -very- sharp sitting on a table, does a great job at protecting the device, and is very reasonably priced for the quality material its made of. A 5 star product without a doubt.
Star Star Star Star Star Leather Pouch
User: Jeremy W, Jan 5, 2011
Pros: Everything
Cons: None
Pouch is great! Fits nice and snug, and looks classy! Great purchase!
Star Star Star Star Star I like it!
User: Bill B, Dec 31, 2010
Just what I was looking for!
Star Star Star Star Star Love this case
User: Stephanie C, Dec 30, 2010
Pros: really protects the phone in a pocket or a purse
Cons: not very exciting in black
This is the best way to protect your phone. Eaxy to throw into a purse or tote or stuff into a pocket. Great protection if you drop the phone and puts the phone into the sleep mode automatically.
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent Case for the Tourch
User: William N, Dec 23, 2010
Pros: High quality, snug fit, very durable
Cons: -
Works great if you like to carry your phone in your pocket. It nicely proctects the phone from damages.
Star Star Star Star Star Great case for the Torch!!
User: Sean M, Dec 10, 2010
Pros: Great fit, great looks
Cons: none at this time
Awesome case for my Torch as I dont care for the larger holster with the belt clip. Case is not too tight and not too loose and the red stitching and blackberry logo are a nice touch on the aesthetic side.
Star Star Star Star Star Torch 9800 Case
User: Paul S, Dec 7, 2010
Outstanding product. Exactly what I was looking for.
Star Star Star Star Star Perfect Pouch for the Torch
User: Tonya B, Dec 7, 2010
Pros: Simple, no frills case.
Cons: -
This simple leather case is the perfect pouch for protecting my Blackberry Torch in my purse.
Star Star Star Star Star Good quality
User: Murat C, Dec 6, 2010
Good quality product
Star Star Star Star Star Great Product.
User: Johanna L, Dec 6, 2010
Well made and fits the Torch perfectly. I wish there were more accessories!
Star Star Star Star Star Great case
User: David W, Nov 22, 2010
Have been waiting for this caes to come out since I got the phone. I would rather have the phone in my then my belt but still in a case and this is the perfict one for it.
Star Star Star Star Star Well designed case
User: Ed R, Nov 19, 2010
Pros: great fit saves battery life protects the phone
Cons: none
For those of us who dont carry our phones as fashion accessories, this phone is perfect for your pocket or purse. I use my phone as a golf range finder and this case allows me to put my phone in the golf cart cup holder. I am very happy with my phone case.
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent Produce
User: Zulma T, Nov 17, 2010
Ordered this leather pouch and received it within a couple of days. Great buy for the money!! I have ordered from this site before and I am sure I will order again. Thank you Crackberry.
Star Star Star Star Star BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch
User: G. C, Nov 4, 2010
Pros: Excellent for the Torch - fits well in my pocket. Well made.
Cons: None.
Blackberry should have included this in the Torch purchase like previous models.
Star Star Star Star Star BB Leather Pouch for Torch
User: Frank B, Nov 3, 2010
Pros: Great fit
Cons: none
I love it b/c it fits in my pocket and its not cumbersome. I dont like belt clips so this is great. Just wish it came in the original packaging as it should have.
Star Star Star Star Star Good fit
User: Mark P, Nov 3, 2010
Its the standard BlackBerry pouch, works as it should.
Star Star Star Star Star BEST POUCH EVER
User: diggy m, Oct 18, 2010
strictly awesome. point. blank.
Star Star Star Star Star Great pouch for a great phone
User: K C, Oct 18, 2010
The pouch is perfect if you keep the Torch in your pocket and dont want a large complicated case. Works perfectly just like the slip-in case that my old BlackBerry came with (but sadly wasnt included with the Torch).
Star Star Star Star Star This Pouch is geat!
User: Sly J, Oct 18, 2010
Pros: Stylish, good protection for my torch
Cons: None, absolutly zero exist
I tried several pocket pouches from other sellers when I got my Blackberry 9800 torch. All were garbage, none supported the power functions even though the ad claimed it did. I was very disapointed.

I needed a pouch that supported the power functions of my phone. This is the only pocket pouch that I found that actually supports the power functions as stated in the ad.

I need a second pouch for my wifes torch now. She is using one of my old garbage pouches at the
Star Star Star Star Star Love it
User: Yuri C, Oct 2, 2010
Pros: Right fit
Cons: None
Wish this had come out before the belt pouch, which I also own, but no longer use. I like to carry the phone in my pochet and not clipped to my belt. Excellent product.
Star Star Star Star Star Love this Case!!!!
User: Warren R, Mar 25, 2011
Pros: Stylish and fits my phone perfect. Couldnt ask for anything better
Cons: No problems
I really love this case. It is everything I could have asked for. Fits perfect in my pocket and its not too bulky.
Star Star Star Star Star good product
User: samuel b, Feb 22, 2011
Pros: protects your BB
Cons: its too tight
while i love the product i find it difficult to slide the phone in and out. i hope it will give in a little after time.
Star Star Star Star Star Works well.
User: David K, Dec 30, 2010
My work phone, a curve 8310, came with a similar leather case. I purchased the case for the Torch so I can put the phone in the case to lock it and put it in my pocket.
Star Star Star Star Star not sure what this is???
User: Mike S, Nov 25, 2010
Pros: Looks GOOD
Cons: Works GOOD
At first I was not sure about the Pocket Pouch and tried to convince my wife to exchange hers for it. Now Im glad she did not agree.
Its just perfect for me and my Blackberry Torch
Star Star Star Star Star Good Fit
User: Jesse R, Nov 19, 2010
Perfect fit for the Torch. I dropped it by accident the other day and it protected it very well besides a lil scratch on top of the phone that the case doesnt cover.
Star Star Star Star Star One solution to the Torch Screenlock problem
User: John A, Nov 9, 2010
Pros: Very well made
Cons: -
This is one way to mitigate the ridiculous screenlock problem with the Torch. In this pouch it will not pocket dial anyone, or turn off all connections to the outside world. Both are possible with a naked Torch in your pocket.
Star Star Star Star Star Great fit
User: mrs o, Oct 31, 2010
Pros: stylish and exquisite finishing
Cons: Quite snug
It fits a bit too snug so I miss a few calls while trying to take out my phone. I hope this will change as it stretches out a little
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent Leather Case
User: Jimmy H, Oct 18, 2010
Pros: Good quality, stable and looks nice
Cons: None
Nice case. Wish ATT would have included it with the purchase of the 9800. I would or will have a repeat purchase if I lose or damage my current case.
Star Star Star Star Star Wears out too quickly
User: Lance M, Nov 3, 2011
Pros: Almost perfect
Cons: Wears out in about a year
Everything about the case is perfect except that is wears out too quickly. I like it so much I bought another one, however it should wear better.
Star Star Star Star Star pouch for torch
User: mia h, Oct 21, 2011
this is the second pouch purchased within 6 months.the inner lining falls apart very easily.
Star Star Star Star Star Poor Crafstmanship
User: Harrison W, Aug 21, 2011
Pros: Works Well
Cons: Poorly Made
I have had two cases for my torch - this case and the one that clips to your belt. First off - this product does work, HOWEVER its a poorly crafted product. The leather on my pouch on the battery door side has been tearing away. Its getting worse - the pouch still does its job it just keeps getting worse on the tearing away front. A simple sewing around the edges wouldve prevented this problem but they didnt do that.

Good product - just couldve been great.
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent products
User: Ron K, Apr 1, 2011
Pros: good quality, fast delivery
Cons: -
Great to do business with. Highly recommend.
Star Star Star Star Star Best Pocket Pouch for My Torch
User: Archie W, Sep 28, 2010
Pros: slim and snug fit
Cons: none
I highly recomend this pouch for anyone with a Tourch.
Star Star Star Star Star Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9800
User: Sam R, Jan 26, 2011
Its a good product but I wanted something that would fit with the hard shell case.
Star Star Star Star Star Very poor construction
User: Nicki T, Apr 11, 2012
These 2 cases have been used for 6 months by two different people and have not been mistreated. BOTH cases have begun to fall apart and now need to be replaced. This was a complete waste of money.
Star Star Star Star Star Bad manifacture
User: Giuseppe T, Mar 21, 2012
Pros:  strong exterior
Cons:  disastrous interior

The second pocket puuch is out again after only three months of use.

The exterior pouch is very strong, but after using this pouch for sometime the interior part degrades too quickly, its a bad manifacture and ill never buy the same pouch model.

Star Star Star Star Star interior is not so well made..virtually unusable now
User: juan p, Nov 28, 2011
Pros: strong exterior
Cons: disastrous interior
The exterior pouch is very strong.

however after using this pouch for sometime the interior of the pouch degrades.

The back of the pouch is hardened with cardboard and in between the cardboard is the magnet for "dim the screen mode".
the interior is a piece of cloth glued down that will gently wipe your fone as you slide it in.

This piece of cloth isnt sewn down and will rip over time. The 2 pieces of cardboard is now exposed and from time to time the magnet falls out!

Now i have to be careful how to slide my fone in because this cloth frequently "crumples" up and makes it impossible to slide the phone in.
Star Star Star Star Star Issues with inner fabric
User: Lucas G, Sep 27, 2011
Being a faithful blackberry user, I was initially excited about getting this case for my torch. After less than a year of use, the thingis falling apart with just normal use. The main problem is the fabric on the inside. It slowly peels away when you slide your phone in, thus causing difficulty getting the phone in the pouch. Now, both the front and the back is peeling. Not as good as the pouch for the bold devices.
Star Star Star Star Star Leather Pocket Pouch - Poor Rating
User: Daniel D, Mar 11, 2011
Pros: -
Cons: Too tight - too small
I will be returning the Leather Pocket Pouch because the fit is too tight for the Torch 9800.
Star Star Star Star Star Too tight
User: Ron P, Jan 24, 2011
The BB Torch does not fit well in the Leather pouch-much too tight to remove easily.

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